Post-Digital Collective is a group of authors partial to the future where technology and humanity co-exist, respecting each other values.

Post-Digital Collective members include professionals from VR and AI industries, scholars of philosophy and social studies, teacher, mentors, and artists.

Ryū Zhong

Ryū Zhong are a science fiction and fantasy writer. For twenty years, they have been working in various corporate think-tanks and R&D facilities in Europe and Asia. Now, they transform their discoveries into fiction to share their perspective of possible futures with a casual reader.

Ryū run their own blog at

Niko Yaremko

Niko Yaremko runs Humanemagica, a consultancy for the next internet. He advises companies and startups on digital ecosystems and helps them build product solutions that power ecosystem growth and generate fair value.

Currently, Niko works as VP of Product at Morpheus XR, a VR engagement platform for distributed teams.

Niko can be contacted at

MJ Thompson

Mary J. Thompson is a tenured professor at Fringe Lab³ Institute of Osft. University of Mexamerica. She leads research of suggestive materials based on quantum inference.

Mary can be contacted via email: